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Create a free account by using a selfie with a hand gesture, a photograph or a photo ID.


Upload your documents customize the authentication process and create a deal.


With multiple verification processes, sign deals securely and quickly.

How To

How to Create a Deal?


Sign Up with See & Sign

Create your free account on See & Sign. It takes only seconds.


Prove it’s you

Take a selfie and upload it to See & Sign. It proves your identity and protects your account from attempts of forgery and fraud


Create Your Deal

Upload your documents to See & Sign, or take photos and we’ll take care of the format conversion. Set an expiration date for your deal or add a deadline for your signers.


Add Signers

Use your phonebook or in-built See & Sign deals list to add signers. Don’t worry if your intended signer is not a member. We’ll send a quick link for them to join.


Customize Id Verification

Add authentication requirements fır your signers. Choose the two step route consisting of photo and ID verification or add an extra layer of protection with gesture approval for free. The embedded gesture recognition feature allows signers to approve the deal with just a hand gesture.


Manage Deals

Create deal templates and use your templates when needed. This speeds signing processes up and saves you a ton of effort. Send your deals to one or multiple signers at once. Update your terms and conditions.


Review Deal Status

See & Sign gives you real time information about the status of your deal, displays contracts awaiting approval and fully approved deals, and show the number of signers who are yet to sign.

How to Sign a Deal?


Sign Up

Create a free account with See & Sign. If you are invited to sign a deal on S&S by someone else and you are not a member yet, don’t worry, we will send you a quick link.


Confirm that It’s You

By using a selfie, a photo ID, and a simple hand gesture, verify your identity and prevent attempts of forgery and identity fraud.


Open and View Your Deal(s)

After verifying your identity, you can open your deals tab and see your deals. See and Sign gives you full control over who can view and sign each document. Plus, all the deals are downloadable in case you’d like to keep a copy for reference.


Automatic Reminders

See and Sign automatically updates you on the status of your deal(s) by giving you real time information about how many signer have already signed, how many signers are yet to sign, and how many deals are awaiting full approval.


Sign from Anywhere

Our highly-rated mobile apps for iOS and Android let you sign from everywhere. SeeSign has a secure and industry-leading identification process that utilizes multiple methods. First, the system verifies the e-mail address or the phone number of the user. Once verified, this information is stored in the user's free See & Sign account, protected by a pin code only they know, and is matched to their viometric information.


Put a Face on It

See & Sign ensures that your intended signers’ idemtities are verified. Multiple levels of authentication increase the thresholds required of signers to prove their identity, and uses facial biometrics to check the authenticity of the signers’ statements.


Additional Confirmation with Your Hand

In addition to all these steps, See & Sign uses gesture recognition technologies to make signing a document as easy as raising or waving your hand. Said hand gesture is equal to your signature and saves you the trouble of waiting in queues or putting your health at risk.

Early Access to See&Sign

Making a deal has never been easier and digitally secure.

Download our beta app to be in the front lines of the digital revolution. See & Sign will soon be available on all application platforms.

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